Brougham in Game of Thrones

Let’s play a game. Where is Brougham in Westeros? If you have not watched Game of Thrones, or read the books, maybe just skip ahead. Sorry this is just fanboy stuff.

I began by thinking that Brougham was just south of The Wall, that Castle Black was Carlisle and Winterfell was York putting Brougham halfway between them along the Kings Road. But there’s nothing there on the map of Westeros.

A map of Westeros from A Game Of Thrones in the style of Google Maps. Article from

Now I see that Brougham is actually located just below the line dividing the The North from all the Southern territories, in other words, The Twins is Carlisle and Brougham is in the Riverlands. Duh.

Raventree Hall. Image from A Throne for Dragons wiki.

Raventree Hall is a castle in the Riverlands, seat of House Blackwood, a vassal house to House Tulley.

Raventree Hall is ancient, dating back to the days of the First Men. The walls are covered in moss, with a tower at each angle in the wall. Two huge, square towers flank the gate. Inside the walls are an outer ward, a large timber keep and a godswood. The godswood contains a single weirwood of massive size. Hundreds of ravens roost on the dead weirwood, which is said to have been poisoned by the Brackens, the Blackwoods’ ancestral foes. 

Game of Thrones Wiki.

Brougham is Raventree Hall.

Getting back to the 18th c., Edith Alice’s 3rd great granduncle John Brougham of Scales bought the Brougham Hall in 1726 for the sum of £5,000, after which it passed to John’s brother Samuel, then to Henry the Elder Edith Alice’s 2nd great grandfather who had four sons. 

This is where we part ways with England because Edith’s great grandfather the Rev. John Brougham being the youngest son, would not inherit an estate and needed a living.